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Finding the Origin

Biden calls for Intel community to find what started Covid pandemic Click Here for Story

Arizona Fraud

Evidence piling up in election audit in Arizona? Click Here for Story

Residents Complain Local Airbnb Bans Take Away Freedom And Income

Bill to permit restrictions but not bans approved by a House committee

The Story is Changing?

Fauci defends coronavirus gain of function research in Wuhan Click Here for Story

This District Has A Student Shortage, Not Teacher Shortage

Enrollment at Oak Park schools down 25% in four years but number of teachers stays nearly the same Read more

Stop Helping China

Senator Marco Rubio asks Wall Street to stop enabling China and its harmful policies? Click Here for Story

Press Secretary of Lies?

Jenn Psaki caught in another whopper? Click Here for Details

Military in Jeopardy?

Is the left’s politicization of the military endangering America? Click Here for Story

Interfering in Health Care?

Is Google going to get between you and your Doctor? Click Here for Story

Putin and Biden to Meet?

Will meet in Geneva in June Click Here for Details

Good News for Bannon

Judge dismisses case against Steve Bannon Click Here for Story

The Real Russian Lackeys?

Atlantic Council lobbying for Russia? Click Here for Story

Gun Ban on Biden’s ATF Nominee Short List

Banning the AR-15 seems to be a priority for the Biden Admin Click Here for Details

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