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Not Earning Their Pay?

First day of virtual Congress and 75 Democrats failed to show up Click Here for Details

Exec Order on Social Media?

Will POTUS sign an order on unjust banning and censoring in social media Click Here for Story

Press Secretary Shuts Down Another Journalist

Kayleigh McEnany takes no guff from agendist reporters Click Here for Details

Columnist Conjures Images of Dead Children to Support Lockdowns

Data suggest children are least at risk; only a dozen deaths nationwide

Dirty Gretchen?

Gretchen Whitmer

Michigan Governor was out of line with no bid contact tracing contract Click Here for Story

State Epidemic Website’s Fine-Print Conflicts With Claims From Whitmer, Experts

Less than represented

Stopping FISA

Abuse charges could mean no legislation to renew FISA? Click Here for Details

China Looks to Stop Lawsuits

US states suing China over Coronavirus has Beijing looking at new legislation Click Here for Details

Why Mail In Ballot Voting is a Problem

Yes and here is one example of Fraud Click Here for Story

Holding First Responders Hostage

Blue states are holding police and firemen hostage for Fed bailouts Click Here for Story

Corona Corruption

Former Pelosi aides cashing in on Covid 19 opportunities? Click Here for Details

What the Media Won’t Say?

CDC says Corona death rate much lower than expected Click Here for Story

NASA Space X Launch Scrubbed

Bad weather postpones launch Click Here for Details

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