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The FBI IS Dirty

Director Wray is covering up the corruption that the FBI is propagating Click Here for Story

American Injustice

George Floyd did not die at the hands of policeman Derek Chauvin, yet Chauvin is serving time in prison Click Here for Story

The Secret Service Knows…

President Joe Biden, and his son Hunter Biden arrive at Fort McNair, Sunday, June 25, 2023, in Washington. The Biden's are returning from Camp David. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

DNA found in the white House cocaine baggie but once again the deep state won’t let the info out in order to protect the Bidens Click Here for Story

Nikki Haley’s 1st Amendment Problem

Did Haley make a political blunder? Click Here for Story

Representative of Hate?

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is exposed as being part of a hate group on Facebook? Click Here for Story

“Carpe” Internet?

Is the FCC looking to seize full power over the internet in the woke name of equity? Click Here for Story

Short Honeymoon for Speaker Johnson

Some GOP conservatives are not happy with spending bill Click Here for Details

AI Elections

Don’t simply trust what you see and hear during election season Click Here for Story

Biden is Supporting Iran

Biden Admin waives sanctions against Iran giving them access to more $Billions to fund terrorism Click Here for Details

A Fight We’d Pay to See?

US Senator and Teamster President close to a fist fight? Click Here for Story

Democrats Gush Over Chinese Dictator Xi

Could it get anymore disturbing? Click Here for Story

Enemy of Democracy

George Soros

George Soros funds PACs that work against true Democracy Click Here for Details

The Truth of Bidenomics


6 graphs that show how bad things are under Biden and the Democrats Click Here for Story

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