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Another Deep Stater Gets Deep Sixed

Krebs fired from Trump Admin Click Here for Story

Destroying Michigan’s Economy

Gov Whitmer’s closing of restaurants will be the death of jobs and businesses Click Here for Details

Threats: The Normal Democrat Political Tool

Doxxing and threatening is happening again in Wayne County Michigan Click Here for Story

Federal Official Would Deprive These Workers Of Right To Fire Their Union

They’re appealing after he shut down their union decertification voteRead more

Democrat Rhetoric is Just Plain Wrong

Senator Lee demands apology from Senator Feinstein Click Here for Details

Michigan at Significant Risk of a 2021 Tax Hike

DC Firm Lays Out Factors That Drive Tax Hikes Around the CountryRead more

California Election Fraud

California men accused of voter fraud for attempts to register thousands of homeless

Democrats charged in trying to fraudulently register homeless people for ballots Click Here for Story

About Legal Action Against Gov. Whitmer

A statement from the Mackinac Center Read more

Michigan’s Disgrace

Whitmer blames everyone except the people who are actually to blame Click Here for Story

Fight the Lockdowns

'We Can’t Go on Like This Forever': Rand Paul Vows to Fight More COVID Lockdowns, Continued Mask-wearing

Science not being followed and Rand Paul will lead fight to stop national lockdowns Click Here for Story

More Proof of Stolen Election

All 27 “toss up” congressional races go to Republicans but Trump lost? Click Here for Story

The Hammer

Were Any Polls Accurate This Time?

See what polling was most accurate for 202 election Click Here for Details

Gun Grabber

Biden will tax you out of your guns Click Here for Story

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