The News YOU Need to Know Thursday November 26, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Take That Fascist!

SCOTUS Blocks Cuomo’s infringement on Religious Freedom Click Here for Story

Judge Stops Pennsylvania Certification

Postponed until evidentiary hearing on fraud Click Here for Story

Happy Thanksgiving!

Spend time with your loved ones and friends

Good News in Nevada

Trump campaign gets to show ballot fraud evidence in court Click Here for Story

State Health Department: Speak Up Or We May Cremate Your Deceased Love One

Reduce Quarantine Times?

CDC now looking to reduce the Covid quarantine period Click Here for Story

Democrats Keep Moving Left

Even super liberal Senator Feinstein isn’t far enough left for Democrats Click Here for Story

An Uninformed Electorate Voted for Biden

New polling shows many Americans had no idea about Biden policies and scandals because the Mainstream Media didn’t report it Click Here for Story

Fascism IS Here

Lockdowns and checkpoints for Americans Click Here for Details

Made Sure Trump Votes Were Stolen?

Dominion Executive is a rabid anti-Trumper Click Here for Story

Anti-Semites for Biden Cabinet?

The Biden potential cabinet is looking grimmer by the day Click Here for Details

We’ve Forgotten What the Pilgrims Learned

Private Property's Harvest

Socialism fails and leads to starvation Click Here for Story

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