The News YOU Need to Know Thursday November 5, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Its Lawyer Time

Both sides lawyer up as vote fraud allegations abound Click Here for Story

Wait …Who Wins Michigan??

Michigan Secretary of State Website Shows Trump and John James Are winning Michigan Click Here for Details

Michigan Voter Fraud

Not just an irregularity Click Here for Story

Hispanics Moved Toward Conservatism

Trump did great with Hispanics in this election Click Here for Details

State Mandates Businesses Collect Customer Info – And No Sweat If It’s Bogus

No need to confirm names on required contact tracing list aren’t really Mickey and MinnieRead more’

In On the Steal

USPS helping Biden cheat in the election Click Here for Story

Recount Wisconsin

Oddities and a razor thin margin will put Wisconsin back to recount status Click Here for Story

Washington State Contact-Tracing Mandate Rebuffed By ACLU, Rescinded; Michigan Version Stands

Read more

Senate to Stay Republican?

So far it looks like the Senate will still be a firewall from Democrats march to socialism? Click Here for Details

Could Presidential Election Go To SCOTUS?

Team Trump ready to battle al the way to Supreme Court Click Here for Story

Polls Were Phony Again

Its not just another mistake MSM used polling to help sway an election Click Here for Details

Florida Surprise

GOP flips to Dems seat in strong Democrat south Florida Click Here for Story

Burisma Biden

New Documents continue to be revealed Click Here for Story

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