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Stopping Human Smuggling

Trump Admin increases war against human trafficking Click Here for Story

Election Interference

# out of 4 Americans think Big Tech has too much influence Click Here for Story

Risk Appears Minimal, But Health Department Locks Down U-M Undergrads Anyway

Disgraceful Media

Nothing else worked so media now attacks ACB for being anti-gay Click Here for Story

Top Epidemiologists: ‘Grave Concerns About Damaging Impacts…Of Prevailing Policies’

‘Most compassionate … to let those less at risk … build up immunity through natural infection’ Read more

Only Using You for Your Vote

Senator Gary Peters only pays attention to the black community at election time Click Here for Story

The Hidden Vote

Pollster predicts Trump victory from hidden vote Click Here for Story

Over Taxed

Family dinner in Lordstown, Ohio. (Photo by ELEONORE SENS/AFP via Getty Images)

Americans spend more on taxes than food, healthcare, clothing and entertainment combined Click Here for Details

The Truth About Kamala

Kamala Harris-Edwin Ramos

Kamala Harris shows more support for MS-13 gang members than citizens Click Here for Story

Can’t Keep It Hidden

Despite all attempts by big tech and the media the Hunter Biden story is getting out Click Here for Details


The Hunter Biden story worsens Click Here for Story

The True Danger from Covid

Shutdowns are causing suicides to skyrocket Click Here for Details

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