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DOJ’s Political Ploy

Why is the FBI attempting to try Trump in the court of public opinion with selective leaks but won’t reveal full documents used in raid ? Click Here for Story

The Rich Benefit Most from Student Debt Forgiveness?

ITs not the poor who will really benefit from Biden’s student debt forgiveness Click Here for Story

So You Really Want to Go Electric?

California tells people NOT to charge their electric cars Click Here for Details

Lyin Gretchen

Its not just election year spin its just flat out lying Click Here for Story

Moron in Chief

The media tries to make Biden look professional and successful. They fail as bad as Joe Biden himself Click Here for Details

“My Son Hunter”

The movie about the crimes of the Biden family? Click Here for Story

What IS the DOJ Hiding?

IF they were honest and had anything, the DOJ and FBI would want full transparency in the Mar-A-Lago fiasco Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Blue light from video screens increases aging? Click Here for Story

Biden’s Border Horror

The open US Border caused by Biden and the Democrats is turning into a horror movie Click Here for Details

Dementia Prevents Pedo Peter From Hiding Anymore?

Biden is revealing his pedophilia at almost every public event? Click Here for Story

DOJ Can No Longer Be Trusted

The Department of Justice has repeatedly shown they are a partisan enforcement agency not a justice organization Click Here for Details

Then Why Are YOU Worried Joe?

Biden says you can’t fight the US government with a rifle, yet lost Afghanistan to the Taliban and their rifles? Click Here for Story

Dirty Bill

Deep Stater Bill Barr is loving the Mar-A-Lago raid? Click Here for Details

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