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EPA Scam Artists

The Environmental Protection Agency is in on the Climate Grift and ready to spend $4.6 Billion of your tax dollars on a scam Click Here for Story

Autoworkers NOT Important to Biden

Hot mic catches Gaffemaster Biden in another outrageous statement Click Here for Details

UAW president threatens to escalate strike

Fain sets Sept. 22 deadline, warns that strike will expandRead more

Being Led By Idiots…

Treasury Secretary Yellen says she has no idea why Americans don’t have confidence in the economy??? Click Here for Story

Horse nonprofit gallops away with $1M from taxpayers

Legislative earmark for Detroit Horse Power is intended to build a Detroit equestrian center

Democrats Attempt End Run in the Senate?

When they can’t get what they want Democrats want to change the rules Click Here for Story

World Wide Idiocracy

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, Twitter

Why in the world would Ukraine hire an American transgender to be their spokesperson. Its like a bad movie Click Here for Story

Corruption on Display


Merrick Garland has to answer for the obvious corruption of his department to Congress Click Here for Story

Different Ends of the World At Odds…

And its getting worse as India and Canada trade diplomatic blows Click Here for Details

Democrats and Dirty Dark Money

Lawsuit is revealing bad links between criminals, financial institutions and donors Click Here for Story

Money for Ukraine Is Getting Resistance…

Taxpayers have had enough of the big giveaway to Ukraine and some politicians are beginning to listen? Click Here for Details

More Climate Grift

The administration will be urging AmeriCorps to make some of its education awards available to Climate Corps members.

Biden Admin launches “the Climate Corp” to bilk more tax money from Americans Click Here for Story

Impeach Michigan AG Dana Nessel

After acquittal of “alleged Whitmer kidnappers” the Attorney Genearl attacks the jury Click Here for Details

Import Third World Become Third World

Europe has committed cultural suicide by the mass importation of 3rd world criminals, gangs and terrorists Click Here for Story

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