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Biden’s Recession

Biden approval falls, holding near low end of his presidency, Reuters/Ipsos  finds | Reuters

Joe Biden and his Democrats have now pushed the US into a growing recession with a 3rd negative growth quarter Click Here for Story

Flight Or Fight?

Russian men leaving Russia to avoid new military conscription? Click Here for Details

Can an Oakland County panel solve gun violence in America?

Will prosecutor Karen McDonald’s commission study gun violence, or gun control?

Government Overreach on Vehicles

More insane regulations proposed for automobiles from the federal government Click Here for Story

State reporting on COVID-19 no longer includes information on vaccination status

Questions arise over accuracy of state data Read more

Walker Moving Up in Georgia

In Georgia Senate race, Herschel Walker navigates allegations of past  violent behavior - ABC News

Polling shows Herschel Walker gaining ground Click Here for Story

Irrational? Biden Definitely Is…

Joe Biden has no critical thinking skills left ( if he ever had any?) Click Here for Story

New York’s Politicized Attorney General

Keeps attempting to keep Trump from running with bogus investigations Click Here for Story

Russia’s Change in Ukraine

Could a very different plan be arising? Click Here for Story

Democrat Fascism Evident in North Carolina

If they can’t win elections they use lawfare to change the rules? Click Here for Details

Chinese Involved in Nevada Lithium Mine?

Why is this being allowed? Click Here for Story

Battery Pack Fire

More and more we are hearing of the problems with EV battery packs including the fires that can result Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

What is SHMOOSE? And is it the real cause of Alzheimers? Click Here for Story

McConnell Should Be Ashamed

Masters changes tune on McConnell, says he's hopeful GOP leader will offer  financial support in Arizona | Fox News

Arizona Senate race is the key to taking back the Senate but since McConnell doesn’t control the GOP candidate he won’t help him Click Here for Story

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