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Border Disaster

Biden, Democrats and the Media are to blame for the worsening disaster on America’s southern border Click Here for Details

Should NOT Have Been Certified

Georgia ballots have no chain of custody and should not have been certified Click Here for Details

Online Activist Riles City Of Flat Rock Officials After Ford Gas Leak

City Hall’s PR firm appears to get personal

Covid Decline?

Could there be an end to the Covid madness? Click Here for Story

Who Wants Debt Ceiling Raised?

Corporations and Democrats that’s who … Click Here for Details

Australians Try to Fight Back Against Their Fascist Government

Having lost their 2nd Amendment rights Aussies now find it hard to control their own government and brutal police Click Here for Details

America Without Borders

Biden Admin caught lying and is releasing illegals into America Click Here for Story

Biden’s Broken Foreign Policy

French President Emmanuel Macron at a NATO summit in Brussels last June. (Photo by Thomas Coex/AFP via Getty Images)

Could France leave NATO over Biden and the UK’s Aussie bungle? Click Here for Details

Gates and Epstein

How to backtrack on sordid friendship? Click Here for Story

Hiding for Biden

Journalists now seeing that they are not getting transparency from the Biden Admin Click Here for Details

Loss of Control

Biden Admin losing control of border as they rush to fix Del Rio Click Here for Story

Douchebags of a Feather…

George Bush backs RINO elitist Liz Cheney Click Here for Story

Mass Amnesty…

And Democrats will make YOU pay for it Click Here for Details

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