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Oh No for Joe

Senate Intel release scathing report on Biden and questionable dealings while VP Click Here for Story

Pelosi Hates Us

Speaker bashes Catholic Trump supporter Click Here for Details

All In for Mushrooms?

Ann Arbor City Council decriminalizes psychedelic Mushrooms Click Here for Story

Michigan Coronavirus Deaths Down Dramatically

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Power Play: State Levies Legally Dubious Virus Rule Fines On Business

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Liberal Stupidity

Seattle City Council wants to defund police but finance pimp as a “Street Czar”? Click Here for Details

Dying Wishes Aren’t Part of the Constitution

Senator Cruz has issue with language in Senate resolution Click Here for Story

Strange Bedfellows?

Brett Kavanaugh hearings: his views on guns and the 2nd Amendment,  explained - Vox

Could SCOTUS Judge Kavanaugh now be the lefts best hope for moderation? Click Here for Details

Fighting Human Trafficking

DOJ approves $101 million to fight human slave trade Click Here for Story

Why You Should Vote Right

Democrats and liberals are threatening to destroy the Republic if they don’t get their way Click Here for Story

Wray is Wrong?

Rep Crenshaw hits back at FBI Director Click Here for Story

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