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Yea its the liberals, government and media dishing that out Click Here for Details

Ralph Nader: Still an Idiot

Former 3rd party candidate says he supports Biden in 2024 Click Here for Story

Newsom the Anti-Gunner

California governor going after guns in anyway possible Click Here for Story

Biden spent 12 minutes at the UAW picket line, 87 seconds speaking

President’s very brief speech followed by San Francisco-area fundraiser

Despite Ford ‘pause,’ board approves $65M for Marshall site

BlueOval Battery Park could have received as much as $270M of $1.7B in corporate welfare alreadyRead more

McCarthy Looks for Border Protection

Stop Gap measure will include border protection Click Here for Details

China Scam?

Chinese company profited from US PPP loans during Covid? Click Here for Story

America Last…Again

Ukraine gets funded during a US shutdown but not America Click Here for Details

New York Injustice

Corrupt judge liberal judge wants Trump Corporation disbanded Click Here for Story

Yes, The Border Crisis IS an Invasion

Illegal immigrants plant foreign flags on US soil Click Here for Details

The Biden Family Brand…

Peddling influence around the globe Click Here for Story

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