The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday August 11, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Democrat’s America

VIolence and looting in Chicago Click Here for Story

Michigan PFAS Update

The latest on contamination sites in Michigan Click Here for Details

No COVID Patients In Delta County, Yet Gladstone Tavern Closed On Whitmer’s Order

‘I’m not sure what science class she took,’ says business owner

Criminal Narrative

Detroit’s Chief of Police James Craig calls out criminals and media for their false narrative on the violence?Click Here for Story

Pathetic Attempt to Spin

Pundit Juan Williams wants to blame POTUS for the Democrat Governors killing of Senior citizens Click Here for Story

Earthquake Where??

North Carolina gets hit by 5.1 magnitude quake Click Here for Details

On the Same Page…

The flags of the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries on display at a previous GCC summit, in Kuwait City. (Photo by Giuseppe Cacace/AFP via Getty Images)

Arab Gulf states back the US on Iran embargo Click Here for Story

BLM NOT Representing Black Voices

Portland protester (Spencer Platt / Getty)

Rioting white liberals are drowning out real issues for African Americans Click Here for Details

Nutty Nancy

Speaker Pelosi still thinks Russia is the bigger menace than China Click Here for Details

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