The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday August 16, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Dirty DiCaprio?

Hollywood superstar was funding election Dark Money to support the climate scam grifters? Click Here for Story

Who Is Blocking Release of Epstein Client List?

And why are the courts and the government helping to hide it? Click Here for Details

The Radicalized IRS

Its bad and its going to get worse Click Here for Story

Michigan bill would ban cell phones on school buses, in class

House Bill 6171 would require every Michigan school district to ban cell phones. Why?

From the Science Side…

Big advance in the search for viable nuclear fusion? Click Here for Story

WEF comes to Michigan, but who will go to Davos?

Who will Michigan send to Davos, and what will they bring back?Read more

Partisan Foot Soldiers

The FBI and DOJ are now simple enforcement arms of the Democrat Party Click Here for Story

No Transparency at the CDC

Center for Disease Control which hid a change on their website from the public, ask yourself why? Click Here for Story

Time to Rethink…

Nuclear energy is not the Boogey man that environmentalists made it out to be Click Here for Details

Cheney Needs to Go

And Hopefully Hageman will displace her via primary Click Here for Story

Enriching the Saudis

Democrats and Joe Biden are making the Saudis even wealthier with our terrible energy policies and making Americans suffer Click Here for Details

What Could Florida Do?

Governor Ron DeSantis slams the DOJ and FBI for political raid on Mar-A-Lago Click Here for Story

How Did This Profession Go So Wrong?

Journalists previously protected the working class average American now they simply protect the elite ruling class Click Here for Details

It Never Rains In California…But Could it Pour?

Earthquakes and droughts may not be the worst problem California could experience Click Here for Story

Want World Peace? Elect Trump.

There is only one person who can right the problems that have occurred since January 2021 and its Donald J Trump Click Here for Details

Crazy To Say the Least?

Would Pennsylvanians really elect this lunatic to the US Senate? Click Here for Story

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