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Hold Biden and The Deep State Accountable

Senator Grassley says he will pursue investigating Hunter and Joe Biden as well as the coverups from the FBI and DOJ? Click Here for Details

Tim Ryan: Baby Killer?

Tim Ryan: Everything you need to know about the 2020 presidential candidate  - ABC News

Senate candidate Tim Ryan won’t put any limits on abortion Click Here for Story

Lawsuit alleging 26K dead on Michigan voter rolls will go on

SOS Benson has purged 330k dead voters from Qualified Voter List since 2019. How many remain?

An Oil Free World Doesn’t Work

Even EV magnate Elon Musk knows the world needs oil Click Here for Details

Pointing Out the Obvious

Even Joe Rogan knows the only solution to America’s problems is to remove all Democrats Click Here for Story

Student loans, PPP loans are of a different character; let’s talk about it

How are PPP loans different from student loans? Let me count the waysRead more

Demonizing More Than Half of America

After Biden's first year, the virus and disunity rage on - ABC News

Democrats are now demonizing Conservative and Independent voters not just Republican politicians Click Here for Details

College Misinformation

Why are universities and colleges still pounding the Covid vaccine mandate drum when even the CDC has given up? Click Here for Story

Yet Another Hunter Biden Lap Top?

The proof keeps piling up how much longer with authorities and the media ignore the Biden Crime syndicate? Click Here for Story

Biden Policies Support Child Trafficking

Its so bad one has to wonder if this is on purpose Click Here for Details

Kabal Airport Bombing

Is there a coverup? US forces knew what the bomber looked like why wasn’t he taken out before the explosion? Click Here for Story

Biased Media is Obvious

The main stream media does not want Republicans to take control of the Senate Click Here for Details

Wrong for Florida

Val Demings wins primary, faces Marco Rubio in Senate race | Miami Herald

Val Demmings wants to play the strong on police card but she’s been supporting “Defund the Police” and Florida law enforcement calls her out for it Click Here for Story

No Case Against Trump

Ex-FBI Intel Chief says the DOJ has no case Click Here for Details

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