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Dirty Dana?

Michigan AG requests special prosecutor investigate opponent for voting  machine access | The Hill

Michigan Attorney General uses her office to go after political rivals? Click Here for Details

Don’t Celebrate The Small Decrease in Gas Price

Still way higher under Biden than Trump and ready to go higher again Click Here for Story

Not Reliable

Georgia’s voting system is clearly showing voter fraud and an incompetent system Click Here for Details

Targeting YOU

Democrats just approved hiring another 87,000 IRS agents to target working Americans Click Here for Details

Two years later, Michigan has 125K fewer jobs than it did before lockdowns

1 in 3 Michigan businesses faced a government-mandated closure in 2020

Yet Another Pervert Teacher

Public education gets sicker by the day Click Here for Details

Students at Michigan colleges receive varying state support

UM-Ann Arbor gets $13,000 per in-state student; Oakland University gets about $10,000 lessRead more

How The Inflation Reduction Act Will Hurt the US

Higher taxes, higher inflation and more regulation when the country can least afford it Click Here for Story

Karma: Making The Liberal Education System Pay

Library funding gets chopped by voters after the woke agenda gets shown Click Here for Story

The Last Best Hope…

If America fails there is no hope for the freedom of the world Click Here for Story

Proof Its Bad Legislation

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 20: Bill Gates spoke at Goalkeepers 2017, at Jazz at Lincoln Center on September 20, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

If Bill Gates endorses anything you can bet its good for him and bad for the rest of us Click Here for Details

Did Mitch Get Played or Did Mitch Get Paid?

Was McConnell incompetent in getting played by Schumer or was he in on it? Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Subpar Education System

Tudor Dixon has a plan to fix Michigan’s failing education system? Click Here for Details

Ruining the Economy

Capitalism works better than any other system but Democrats think they know better…they don’t and the economy shows it Click Here for Story

Don’t Believe Democrats

They’ll try to distance themselves from Biden, Pelosi and the bad economy but don’t be fooled it’s their fault Click Here for Details

2nd Attempt

The Corrupt Federal government will try again to convict two men who were led astray by undercover FBI agents Click Here for Story


Democrats like to make Americans feel pain Click Here for Details

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