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Judicial Interference?

Did a Judge in New York side with a Democrat in congressional race? Click Here for Story

More Bad Votes in Georgia

Former FBI agent finds over 17000 ineligible votes ? Click Here for Details

Governments, Officials, Media Making People, Not Virus, The Enemy

The ACLU warned about this in a 2008 report on the Bush administration’s epidemic plans

Arizona Election Hearings

Video Click Here

An Impossible Win

More analysis shows it was near impossible for Biden to win the election Click Here for Story

Samo Samo

Biden wants the same old Democrats in his cabinet Click Here for Details

A Thief Can’t be President

General Flynn says Americans won’t accept Joe Biden as President Click Here for Story

Can We Get to The Machines on Time?

Judge orders election machines be held for inspection Click Here for Details

Taqiyya John

Obama’s CIA Director Brennan siding with Iran over death of scientist Click Here for Details

The Big Lie

Our Overlords Are Using The ‘Big Lie Technique’ To Convince Us Masks Work

Controlling you is the goal of masking Click Here for Details

Investigating the Cheating Left

Liberal groups are trying to register ineligible voters for Georgia Click Here for Details

What Will SCOTUS Do?

Will illegals be counted in 2020 Census and resulting re-districting? Click Here for Story

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