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Breaking: Pennsylvania Election Results Off

More than 200,000 over certified count on ballots Click Here for Story

Under Pressure

January 6th puts a lot of pressure on the Vice-President Click Here for Details

400,000+ COVID Cases, But Michigan Officials Tracked Giuliani’s Like Bloodhounds

Trump’s lawyer a key figure at state House Republican hearing



Cop turns the tables on Woke protester Click Here for Story

Signed But Red Lined

POTUS signs Covid Relief bill with exceptions Click Here for Details

Now You Know

Calls for Student debt forgiveness…why? Click Here for Story

Justice Delayed or Denied

Obama Judge delays sentencing for Clinesmith until after Inauguration Click Here for Details

Beware Georgia

Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate from Georgia Jon Ossoff waves as he leaves a polling place after voting early in Atlanta on Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2020. For the second time in three years, Jon Ossoff is campaigning in overtime. The question is whether the 33-year-old Democrat can deliver a win …

Candidate Ossoff is bankrolled by California Click Here for Details

Rules for You But Not for Democrats

Wake up America the Democrats are the class of elites Click Here for Story

Not Good

Raphael Warnock

Another Democrat candidate with bad history Click Here for Details

General Flynn’s Cavalry?

Says US allies have proof of election fraud? Click Here for Story

Friend Indeed

Antifa will grow stronger under a Biden Admin Click Here for Details

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