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Parler Back Online?

Social Media put off line by Big Tech is back Click Here for Story

The Next Trump?

Lara Trump may be the next Senator in North Carolina? Click Here for Story

Whitmer Said ‘Widely Available’ Vaccine One Condition For Return To Normalcy

Around 4 million Michiganders may now have immunity

Hmmm…Wall’s Work?

Protesters like Congress see that barriers are effective Click Here for Story

Community College President Paid Over $525,000 Last Year

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Yeaaaa….About Those Windmills

Windmills freeze up in Texas when power is needed most Click Here for Story

Not to Be Trusted?

Bill Gates wants to control climate change? Click Here for Details

Coming For Your Guns

Second Amendment supporters protest new gun legislation at the Utah State Capitol on February 8, 2020. (Photo by GEORGE FREY/AFP via Getty Images)

Biden moving quickly for gun control Click Here for Story

No Unity at All

Biden breaks another norm and fires independent board appointees Click Here for Details

Dirty FBI

Smoking gun…against James Comey Click Here for Story

Biden Admin Scandal

First staffer gone after threatening journalist Click Here for Details

China Spying

hacker in a black hoodie is shown with computer code surrounding a monitor

War or not China is already attacking the US by spying Click Here for Story

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