The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday February 23, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Will Garland Be Deep State Protector?

AG Nominee won’t say law breaking Comey was a bad FBI Director? Click Here for Story

Youth Stupidity

Yale students sign petition to end the Constitution Click Here for Details

After Targeting Gas Pipeline, Whitmer Declares Propane Heating Fuel ‘Emergency’

No Justice Left in US

SCOTUS fails to do its job again Click Here for Details

Crippling the Border

Biden Admin cripples law enforcement at border Click Here for Story

Where Is Biden’s Plan?

Covid deaths are now Joe Biden’s responsibility? Click Here for Details

Will Biden Comply?

mini us and chinese flags are shown

China urges US to drop sanctions Click Here for Story

Can Conservative States Use Redistricting…

to help fight off Democrat wins? Click Here for Details

Speaker of Hypocrisy

Pelosi doesn’t practice what she preaches Click Here for Story

WHO Is Protecting China?

Investigation by WHO over Covid is not credible Click Here for Details

Biden Admitted What?

Once again the Democrat hypocrisy is incredible Click Here for Story

Durham Report Will Never Be Seen?

Biden Admin will make it disappear Click Here for Story

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