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Even Democrats Want To Know About Biden Classified Docs?

Adam Schiff Keeps Lying | National Review

The Biden Classified document issue is a real problem for Biden Click Here for Story

Sanctuary All Filled?

New York Mayor Adams having second thoughts on his sanctuary city status Click Here for Story

Michigan bill would require public sector employees to join unions, which is unconstitutional

MichiganVotes Monday: Bill ignores U.S. Supreme Court ruling that extends right-to-work protections to public sector employees, such as teachers

Another Sudden Death?

31 year old former American Idol contestant dies suddenly of cardiac arrest Click Here for Story

2024 Senate Races

2022 elections are barely over and Senate seat talk is already at it Click Here for Details

Don’t California My Michigan

Whether it’s language police from the West Coast or drag queen story time for kids from the East Coast, coastal influences are pulling Michigan in a bad direction Read more

No Transparency Joe

Joe Biden: White House says more classified documents found at president's  Delaware home | US News | Sky News

Biden has spent 163 days at home in Delaware so far and there is no visitor logs? Click Here for Details

AI Online Content?

Will 90% of online content be Artificial Intelligence created? Click Here for Story

Pushing Back on Chinese Influence

Youngkin rolls out transition team with ex-governors, longtime political  hands - The Washington Post

Virginia governor blocks Ford project based on its connections to China? Click Here for Story


CDC is now admitting there may be stroke problems over Covid vaccines? Click Here for Story

Meet the Morons…

Meet the Chinese connected green energy group complaining about gas stoves Click Here for Details

This Just Isn’t Smelling Right

Sen. Ron Johnson battles Chuck Todd over Hunter Biden in tense exchange:  'Part of the problem' | Fox News

Why was Hunter Biden paying Joe Biden $50,000 a month to rent the house where Joe’s classified documents were found Click Here for Story

Complete Failure of Accountability

Pete Buttigieg has completely dropped the ball as Secretary of Commerce Click Here for Details

Can GOP Stand Up in Debt Ceiling Debate?

It will be ugly but the losers will always be the American taxpayer Click Here for Story

Is the Government Behind Food Infrastructure Attacks?

Food facilities across the US have mysteriously been damaged over the last year. Who is really behind it? Click Here for Details

What Are They Scared Of?

Corrupt Government bought Media doesn’t want January 6th video to be released Click Here for Story

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