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National Guard Under Suspicion by Dems?

New York, New Jersey Deploying National Guard Members To ...

Vetting of NG troops to make sure they support Biden? Click Here for Story

Ann Arbor Schools: No Reopening Without Teacher Vaccinations

Parent says need ‘ways to reopen now, not another reason to stay closed’

Ending Republicans

Using the 14th Amendment to stop free speech of conservative politicians Click Here for Story

Some Inauguration

Needing 25,000 troops and no guests for Biden is more than odd Click Here for Details

Remember These Inaugural Protests?

Liberals burned and rioted at Trump inauguration Click Here for Story

Twitter Must be Stopped

Twitter Exec Vijaya Gadde

Twitter plans more censorship of anything they disagree with Click Here for Details

Political Suicide

Senator Rand Paul warns Republicans that supporting impeachment will destroy what’s left of the Republican party Click Here for Story

Democrats And Big Tech Working Together…

To remove your rights Click Here for Story

Remove the Competition!

brian stelter stands on the red carpet with a see en en logo over his left shoulder

CNN looks to remove Newsmax TV Click Here for Story

Border Beware

Migrant caravans are heading to US knowing Biden will open the border Click Here for Details

Return of Parler?

Parler logo displayed on phone in photo illustration

Back on the web but not on app? Click Here for Story

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