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Can McCarthy Stand Up Against Jeffries?

McCarthy is elected speaker after giving concessions to conservatives - The  Boston Globe

Will the GOP Speaker be able to keep lying Adam Schiff and spy shagger Eric Swalwell off the House Intel committee Click Here for Story

Heart Attacks Surge in Highly Vaxxed Australia

With similar results across the globe what is causing the increase in heart related death and hospitalizations? Click Here for Details

Michigan bill would ban TikTok on government phones

Bill shows a growing acknowledgement of the U.S. rivalry with China

The feds can’t find the Supreme Court leaker. You think they can fix climate change?

Government is not in the problem-solving business. It can’t even plug leaks. Read more

Investigate Fauci

Anthony Fauci's Sign-Off Message | WIRED

A majority of Americans support an investigation into Anthony Fauci over Covid and the vaccines Click Here for Story

Federal Bureau of Corruption

Another former FBI official caught breaking the law? Click Here for Details

Can GOP Rid Itself of Ronna?

AP Exclusive: GOP to stay neutral should Trump run again | AP News

Pressure increase to get rid of failure Ronna Romney McDaniel Click Here for Story

Smart Thermostats…Could Cost You on Your Social Credit Score?

What was thought to be a helpful home management device might not be so good for consumers Click Here for Story

Tight Gun Laws Are Worthless?

Many of the worst mass shootings are in states with harsh gun laws Click Here for Details

The Funnel to China

The Left’s biggest non-profits are funneling money to China? Click Here for Story

Vaccine Booster Lies?

Why are they still pushing ineffective boosters and vaccines? Click Here for Details

Protecting Their Own Leaker?

pro-life supporters outside the u.s. supreme court

Is the reason SCOTUS is saying they can’t find the leaker because its one of the Justices themselves? Click Here for Story

Why IS the Left Attacking Kavanaugh Yet Again?

Are they worried about a problem with a leftist Justice or do they just want to steal the Supreme Court? Click Here for Details

The Violent Democrats

Daughter of House Democrat Whip attacks police officer Click Here for Story

Lying Brazilian Socialists

Criminal and illegitimate President Lula da Silva try to blame Bolsanaro for Venezuelan caused deaths of indigenous people Click Here for Story

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