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Hidden Environmental Costs

Electric Vehicles: Automakers targeting average households with new crop of  EVs, Auto News, ET Auto

EVs have costs that the media and left don’t want you to know about Click Here for Story

Schiff Is A Liar and the Media Is Finally Confronting Him On It?

CNN anchor calls out Adam Schiff for the lies that got him booted from the Intel Committee Click Here for Details

Lawmakers spend a quick $706M of Michigan’s money

Half the money, $350M, will be spent on state-funded economic development plans

When Democrats Win Taxpayers Lose

Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.)

Chuck Schumer thinks Dems can win in Debt Ceiling negotiation, which translates to “More Debt for Taxpayers” Click Here for Story

Michigan home health workers would be protected from dues skim if right-to-work is repealed

Home health care workers are one group of people who would not be affected by right-to-work’s repeal Read more

Is Ukraine Leading to Nuclear War?

Not sure the Biden Admin knows what it is doing Click Here for Details

West Point Woke

America’s premier military academy is beyond hope? Click Here for Story

NATO Wants Help?

NATO asking South Korea for help? Click Here for Details

Two Tiered Justice

The greatest threat to America is the slanted two tiered justice system Click Here for Story

Biden Lets China Spies Slide?

Why does the Biden Admin give so much help to China? Click Here for Story

Get Out of the Unions

Teachers walking away in a white background

Helping Indiana teachers walk away from their liberal unions Click Here for Details

The Deep State Trap

Politicians now need to watch out for the Deep State and the “classified” documents trap Click Here for Story

Oil Ain’t Done Yet…

Investors are liking oil despite the go green agenda Click Here for Story

Demoralized CDC?

Folks in the CDC are demoralized by corruption and incompetence? Click Here for Story

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