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Faithless Electors Not Allowed

State electors must follow state’s election winners Click Here for Story

Liberal Media Ignores Protests/Riots as Superspreaders

Blaming bars and gatherings but not rioters? Click Here for Story

Hazel Park Superintendent Talks Years Of Cuts, But Per-Pupil Funding Up

District’s inflation-adjusted state funding higher per student since 2011

Disgusting Mainstream Media

Blames death of protester on a luxury car NOT the black driver Click Here for Story

Coronavirus Deaths Plummeted Since Stay-At-Home Order Lifted June 1

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Biden’s Coup?

Joe Biden will allow the socialists to take his power if elected? Click Here for Details

London Ignores Social Distancing

People party as they tire of lockdowns in London Click Here for Details

Iranian Mystery Explosion

Nuke site explodes in Iran Click Here for Details

The Enemy Within

Black Lives Matter protest turns pro-Palestinian and anti-American Click Here for Details

Slavery Still Exists and BLM Ignores It

Human trafficking is alive and well throughout the world but protesters ignore where it really is and who is responsible Click Here for Story

A True American

Terry Crews Stood His Ground Again Over Fourth of July Weekend

Actor Terry Crews faces wrath as he stands for being an American who respects and loves all colors Click Here for Details

Covid Vaccine Soon?

White House is optimistic on having a vaccine before 2021 Click Here for Details

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