The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday June 1, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Iran Co-Opting Venezuela?

Iranian warships look to prop up the illegal socialist regime that has destroyed Venezuela? Click Here for Story

Two Tiered Justice

Liberals and Conservatives get different rules and punishments for breaking laws? Click Here for Details

New Video from January 6th

Who were the real violent offenders? Click Here for Details

Hegemonic Reasons? China To Allow 3 Children per Couple

Reversing decades of population control China may be looking to retain the world’s largest population Click Here for Story

Fraudulent Presidency?

Is the Biden Admin just Obama Socialist Wolves in Biden incompetent clothing?

Time for State Restructuring?

Let Red counties leave Blue states Click Here for Details

Ruining Our Military

Left wingers at the Pentagon are trying to politicize our military Click Here for Story

Kennedy Thoughts on Reparations

It won’t help children of color ? Click Here for Details

Democrats Define Free Voting in an Odd Fashion

No ID and nor rules is what Democrats want in voting Click Here for Details

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