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3rd World America

Corrupt S AG Merrick Garland who was spurned from SCOTUS wants revenge and will try to prosecute Trump in retaliation? Click Here for Story

Bad Boss

Border Patrol Ramps up Patrols in Otay Mountain Wilderness | U.S. Customs  and Border Protection

Border Patrol has low morale because of the Biden Admin Click Here for Story

Losing the Youth

Even woke Youtubers are getting fed up with the stupid decision making of Biden and the Democrats Click Here for Story

Rich Community Falls Short on School Budget

Birmingham district loses students, messes up revenue projections

The Lies Just Keep Coming…

Jan. 6 Committee Taps Former ABC News President for Prime-Time: Report

Democrats and never Trumpers just keep pushing outrageous lies from their sham January 6th committee Click Here for Story

Drag shows for kids are inappropriate. In Michigan, should they be illegal?

‘There Should Be A Law’ is the banner over every government overreachRead more

The Biden Economy

Wall Street goes bearish with the failing policies of the Democrats Click Here for Details

Google Engineer Placed on Leave…

Where is Artificial Intelligence Used Today? By ITChronicles

After saying Google’s AI has become sentient Click Here for Story

Swinging Right

Independent voters are swaying to the right and the GOP with the insanity of Democrat policies and the destruction of America’s economy Click Here for Story

Biden Admin Needs to Stop Breaking the Law

Court rules again that Biden Admin can’t keep releasing illegals into the US Click Here for Details

Do Democrats Ever Stop Lying?

Senator Raphael Warnock blames his brother’s drug conviction on systemic racism Click Here for Story

Its Going to Get Worse

Economist says inflation will get worse before it gets better Click Here for Details

Communism Kills

The left wants to take America into Communism but new museum shows how it only leads to the murder of millions Click Here for Story


rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel speaks at a summit

RNC Chair says what most of us already know…Biden is intentionally pushing fossil fuel prices higher, he actually campaigned for that Click Here for Details

…And Here’s the Proof…

Video of Biden saying he will destroy the oil and gas industry Click Here for Story

Dumbing America Down

Schools now canceling Honors classes in the name of “equity and Social Justice”? Click Here for Details


Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is now growing across the globe Click Here for Story

Our Biggest National Security Risk?

President Biden of course Click Here for Details

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