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Not Erasing History

France refuses to remove colonial era statues due to political correctness and protests Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Insurance Laws Change

July 1st means big changes this is what to know Click Here for Details

Township Officials Sue Tax Hike Opponents For Successfully Committing Politics Online

Voters deprived officials of opportunity to spend more

Targeting Lincoln?

Statue of Abraham Lincoln targeted by activists? Click Here for Story

Police Unions In The Crosshairs

Former chief says they make it ‘almost impossible to fire and hold officers accountable’Read more

SCOTUS Rules for Gays and Transgenders

Ruling protects gay employees in 17 states that have not offered equal protection Click Here for Story

2nd New York Shutdown

Governor Cuomo threatens another shutdown Click Here for Details

NFL Star Supports Police

Not all police are bad Click Here for Details

Seattle Warlord

Inside the mob ruled CHAZ Click Here for Story

Decentralize the Internet?

Is there a way to stop socialism? Click Here for Details

A World Turned Upside Down

Insane: Black Female Principal of Prominent Chicago High School Under Pressure to Resign for Warning Against Violence and Looting

Principal threatened over her warning telling people not to loot? Click Here for Story

Fighting Back Against Social Media Censorship

New legislation may remove protections for social media giants Click Here for Details

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