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Backfiring on Democrats

Phony legal attacks on Trump is backfiring as voters see the hypocrisy and abuse of Democrats Click Here for Story

Benson’s Voter Fraud?

Is Michigan Secretary of State committing election fraud with dirty voter rolls? Click Here for Story

Whitmer touts 38,000 jobs ‘announced’ but not created

Michigan has lost 2,600 auto jobs since Whitmer’s election

Are the Democrats Dividing?

Unity seems to be fracturing on the left as their agendas get more extreme Click Here for Story

Arrest AG Garland Immediately

Garland warns about conspiracy theories ...

The House Sergeant at Arms should be dispatched to arrest Attorney General Merrick Garland for contempt of Congress Click Here for Story

Your Own Lying Eyes?

Biden wanders away at G7 summit before ...

Media is lying to you about everything, never money all that pesky video Click Here for Details

Possible VP Pick?

Could Senator JD Vance be on the short list? Click Here for Story

The Open Border is By Design

Democrats need and want new voters as they lose the support of average American citizens Click Here for Details

Another US Non-Profit Supporting Terrorists?

Ford Foundation sent $millions to organizations that celebrate Hamas attack on Israel Click Here for Story

Dirty John

John Kerry is stepping down as U.S ...

Why was former Secretary of State John Kerry using a pseudonymous email? What was he hiding? Click Here for Details

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