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Victory for Prayer

TOUCHDOWN: SCOTUS tosses win to high school football coach who lost job over prayer

SCOTUS hands victory to Coach fired for praying at games Click Here for Story

Lying Gretchen

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer just can’t stop lying about her job numbers Click Here for Details

Pelosi Pushes a Child?

Disgusting behavior from the Speaker of the House ? Click Here for Details

ALICE report exaggerates extent of financial troubles among Michiganders

Whitmer-endorsed report claims 44% of Michigan children struggle to survive

Stupidity Unleashed

As well as violence from pro-abortion protesters who are protesting in States unaffected by the SCOTUS abortion decision Click Here for Details

Juan Just Doesn’t Get It?

Liberal commentator Juan Williams thinks Hillary Clinton can save the Democrats in November Click Here for Details

Russia Defaults on Foreign Debt

Fist time since 1918 but what does it really mean? Click Here for Details

Turning Right

Democrats are losing voters and Republicans are gaining a lot of them Click Here for Story

West Point Leadership IS Wrongly Woke

West Point Graduates not happy with the woke nonsense going on at America’s premier military academy Click Here for Story

Abortion Pills Surge

Demand for abortion pills surge after SCOTUS decision Click Here for Details

The Racist Medical Establishment

Its not what you expect…Click Here for Story

Its Not A Gun Problem…

Its a family problem, the lack of fathers in today’s homes is causing the violence in our culture? Click Here for Details

Are They Prepping Us for Ghislane Maxwell’s Demise?

Suicide watch and bad conditions are doing exactly what for Epstein’s madame? Click Here for Story

The Real Insurrectionist

Nancy Pelosi is pushing dangerous rhetoric against the Supreme Court Click Here for Details

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