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Not So Worried?

Poll shows people less worried about healthcare after pandemic than before Click Here for Story

Whitmer Recall Language Approved

Board approves official language for recalling Governor Whitmer Click Here for Details

90 Days, 113 COVID-19 Executive Orders

Liberal Idiocy

Being concerned about having no police is part of white privilege? Click Here for Details

Police Reform Legislation

Congress looks at new police reforms Click Here for Story

Stop Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking can lead to Alzheimers? Click Here for Story

Kneeling to Pander

Rep. Pelosi and Sen. Schumer lead Democrats in 8 minutes, 46 seconds of silence.

Democrats kneel to try and curry favor with African American voters Click Here for Details

Obama Spied on Americans

Used National Security to further his personal agenda Click Here for Story

Ending the Police

Even liberal media shocked at getting rid of police? Click Here for Details

Not a Hero

Candace Owens has her own take on George Floyd Click Here for Story

Healthcare Problem

hca healthcare logo

Furloughing hospital workers and paying CEOs millions? Click Here for Details

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