The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday March 14, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Russian Infighting

How big is the problem between Russian forces and their mercenary cohorts Click Here for Story

IS The Proof At Hand?

Do the Republicans finally have solid proof of Chinese paying the Bidens? Click Here for Details

Congress votes to declassify origins of COVID

Unanimous vote includes all Michigan lawmakers

Border Attack

Thousands of illegals rush the US border Click Here for Story

DTE, Consumers’ peak-hour pricing plans have it all backward

Stanford study undermines utility peak-hour rate planning Read more

Biden Says Banks Are Safe

The banking system is still secure according to Joe Biden Click Here for Details

Michigan Legislature still lacks energy reliability bills, but House hearing comes Wednesday

Lawmakers promised oversight for Michigan’s biggest utility companies, then rammed through right-to-work repeal instead Read more

Could China Strike the US First?

Has China prepared for a “Pearl harbor” style attack on US forces? Click Here for Story

The Democrat Senate Problem

With Feinstein and Fetterman out of action do the Democrats really control the Senate? Click Here for Story

Bad Public Servants

What’s to be done when Federal government employees don’t pay their taxes? According to Democrats.. nothing Click Here for Story

DeSantis Should Not Run?

Not a good time for Ron Desantis to run for POTUS according to Dick Morris Click Here for Details

Bailouts for the Rich…

The Federal government bailing out Silicon Valley Bank a specialized venture capital bank is just bailing out rich folks and their risky investments? Click Here for Details

Another Sudden Death

28 year old rapper drops dead on stage Click Here for Story

A Message to Learn From? Silicon Valley Bank was Woke…

Silicon Valley Bank headquarters in Santa Clara, California on March 10, 2023, when federal regulators shut it down and seized its assets. (Photo by NOAH BERGER/AFP via Getty Images)

Go woke and go broke is beginning to get very real Click Here for Details

Dumbing Down America

Two of our three branches of government are now run by those with no financial critical thinking skills Click Here for Story

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