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What Is CNN Hiding?

Media ignoring who is attacking Asian Americans Click Here for Story

Pandemic Delivers Potentially Costly Electric Bill Lesson To School Complex

Beware the fine print in commercial utility contracts

Any Standing Left?

Despite mounds of electoral fraud evidence will a stolen election stand? Click Here for Story

The Authortarian Left

Not even liberal anymore Click Here for Details

Support Goya

CEO of Goya foods knows and speaks the truth Click Here for Story

Calling Out the Hypocrisy

Rep. Jim Jordan speaks with supporters at CPAC at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Fla. on Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021. (Sam Thomas/Orlando Sentinel via AP)

Rep Jim Jordan not being quiet about Democrats and their hypocrisy Click Here for Details

Cuomo Just the Beginning?

4 other Democrat Governors did what Cuomo did to nursing homes Click Here for Details

Eating Their Own

Democrats will begin throwing their own members under the bus? Click Here for Story

Canceling Success?

Boston Schools Suspend Advanced Classes Because They’re “Too White and Asian”

Boston schools stops advanced learning classes because the’re too white and too asian ? Click Here for Details

The Disgrace of Coca-Cola

The company’s less white agenda is back firing on them? Click Here for Story

China Protected by Biden Admin?

Admin ignoring China’s massive influence inside the US Click Here for Details

Pouring In…

Biden Admin allowing open border Click Here for Story

Going After Whitmer

Journalist suing Michigan Governor over nursing home data Click Here for Story

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