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The Biden Scandal Hiding in Plain Sight

When will Republicans fight back against Biden Click Here for Story

Kentucky Is Protecting Children

New bill will protect children from transgendering hormone therapy and surgery Click Here for Story

Michigan lawmakers have not tried to solve union ‘free rider’ problem

One in three bills in Michigan in 2023 has been labor-related. None try to solve a long-claimed problem. Why?

January 6th Entrapment?

Its looking more and more like the Feds were trying to entrap Trump supporters Click Here for Details

Xi Looking Strong

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping shaking hands.

With Biden’s repeated failures on the world scene Chinese President Xi now seems to look like the stronger world leader Click Here for Details

Hohman: Michigan media asks the wrong questions, fosters bad policy

On roads, energy, schools and corporate welfare, bad questions lead to bad outcomes. These are four alternatives. Read more

Bypassing the Debt Limit?

How did the Feds bypass debt limit issue to bail out banks? Click Here for Story

Holding Bragg’s Feet to The Fire?

GOP House is questioning DA Bragg over politicizing the Trump case Click Here for Details

The Double Standard in Scandals

Why is Trump being persecuted when so many Democrats get away with everything? Click Here for Details

Bought and Paid For?

China has seemingly hired the Bidens and the rest of the Democrats are a bonus Click Here for Story

Losing Faith

Americans have lost faith in the legal and election system Click Here for Details

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