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Strangely Quiet?

Governor Gavin Newsom isn’t talking about the crazy reparations proposals in California Click Here for Story

Biden Built The Middle East’s Most Well Equipped Military?

And its not one of our allies Click Here for Details

A Transgendered Killer?

Nashville school shooter was a woman who “Identified” as a man? Click Here for Story

Only 5% of Detroit 8th graders read at proficient level

A review of NAEP scores for Michigan’s largest district confirms the need for education reform

Russia Isn’t the Only Belligerent in Ukraine

The US is co-captaining the conflict by poking Russia with bad foreign policy? Click Here for Story

Ford loses billions on EVs, despite government subsidies

Report: Ford Motor Company will lose $5B in two years on electric vehicles Read more

Media Ignoring A Biden Scandal

More proof that the Biden family is profiting from Joe’s official government positions for years but the crooked mainstream media is ignoring it completely Click Here for Details

National Popular Vote plan would disenfranchise Michigan voters

Michigan voters often decide presidential elections; that would end under proposed law Read more

From the Science Side…

Cancer cells

New test to detect cancer before it grows could be a game changer Click Here for Story

Even Democrat Voters See the Abuse of Power?

46% of Democrats polled believe the charges DA Bragg is threatening against Trump is an outrageous abuse of power Click Here for Details

Another Toxic Train Spill

70 cars derailed in North Dakota spilling toxic chemicals Click Here for Story

Biden Growing the Climate Scam

Using taxpayer money to make more Greta Thunbergs Click Here for Story

Russian Nukes in Belarus?

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin observe previous joint military exercises. (Photo by Alexei Nikolsky/AFP via Getty Images)

Ukraine concerned over possible deployment of Russian tactical nukes in neighboring Belarus Click Here for Story

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