The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday March 7, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Inside America’s Political Gulag

J6th protesters are still being denied their Constitutional rights and abused by authorities after 2 years Click Here for Story

Another Ohio Train Derailment

This time it looks like railroad cars were empty Click Here for Story

China’s Eyes May Be Everywhere

Could cargo cranes at ports be Chinese spy tools Click Here for Details

Maher Schools Meathead

TDS afflicted Rob Reiner gets schooled by Bill Maher Click Here for Story

Saving the 1st Amendment

How ling before woke political correctness ruins the United States Constitution? Click Here for Story

Domestic Surveillance?

The Homeland Security Department headquarters are seen.

How long has our government been surveilling Americans illegally? Click Here for Details

Reparations: Stupid and Bankrupting

California which never had slavery is looking at paying reparations Click Here for Story

Stopping Khan and the FTC is Crucial

President Biden Signs Executive Order On Promoting Competition In The American Economy

Federal Trade Commission Chair is driving all common sense and Republicans off the FTC Click Here for Story

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