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Bad Loan Business

Biden on the wrong track for paying off student debt Click Here for Story

Corrupt AG?

Was Former US AG Eric Holder involved in the January 6th scam ? Click Here for Details

Florida Will Stay Red?

Even with an influx of new residents fleeing Democrat states Florida seems to be leaning to conservatism Click Here for Story

Who Is threatening Elon Musk?

Odd tweet seems to have Elon under threat of his life? Click Here for Details

How Much of Washington DC Does China Own?

Why are the elites of DC covering for China Click Here for Details

Thanks Biden…

Gas prices hit record high due to Biden and Democrat policies Click Here for Story

The Real Inflation

I did that' Biden stickers create headaches for gas station workers - Eyewitness News

Energy inflation is driving everything up? Click Here for Details

Hurt the Most…

Covid lockdowns and rules hurt poor communities the most Click Here for Story

Biden’s DHS Court Loss

Judge dismisses request to end court case against Biden Admin on releasing illegals Click Here for Story

Racial Medical Rationing is Illegal

But Utah did it anyway by allocating Covid meds based on race Click Here for Details

Two Tiered Justice

Trial opens for men accused of funneling millions to back Hillary Clinton  in 2016 presidential race - POLITICO

Judge is trying to protect Hillary in Spygate case Click Here for Story

Yes, A Complete Idiot

What explantion can leave you hating the Constitution Click Here for Details

The Biden Economy…

Hurting babies and the elderly most Click Here for Story

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