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Durham Starts Trial

Clinton lawyer goes to court Click Here for Details

The Fraud Just Keeps Coming

2000 Mules ballot harvesting is just the tip of the iceberg Click Here for Story

Good Teacher Not Rewarded By Contract She Helped Negotiate

This year’s winner worked against compensating instructors based on job performance

Congress Is Just Plain Dirty

Stock trading and pathetic disclosures show how badly corrupt our representatives are Click Here for Story

Pushing Russia’s Buttons

What will Russia’s reaction be to Sweden and Finland joining NATO Click Here for Story

Fifty Million for Flynn?

Ex-Trump advisor Michael Flynn fuels pardon talk in Mueller case

General Michael Flynn readies for huge lawsuit against the government Click Here for Details

Buffalo Shooter Was Known to Authorities

Once again government failed to stop an obvious threat to the public Click Here for Details

Biden to Send Troops Back to Somalia

Democrats just can’t stop the warmongering Click Here for Details

More Gun Law Nonsense

Shootings that could be averted if government did their job only end up with Democrats looking for more useless gun laws and more reductions of rights for the law abiding citizens of the US Click Here for Story

The Lies About SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

The media and left are spouting nonsense Click Here for Details

China Not So Strong

As bold as China is acting their failures are mounting Click Here for Story

Is The Voting System Still Rigged?

How safe are your votes and our election system? Click Here for Details

Can the RINO Elitists Be Defeated?

RINOs have ruined the Republican party can MAGA candidates take it back? Click Here for Story

McDonalds Says Nyet?

people walk past a McDonald's resaurant

Fast food giant is leaving Russia Click Here for Story

NOT a Christian or Conservative

Buffalo shooter was not what the media is trying to shape him as Click Here for Story

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