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Mixed Up Joe

Biden's Menthol Cigarette Ban Is Stupid, Will Hurt Black Communities

The White House is now walking back Biden’s comments about protecting Taiwan? Click Here for Story

No Way to Run a State

Mandatory water restrictions coming for Californians? Click Here for Story

More Teachers, Fewer Students, But Teacher Shortage Story Goes On

Bridge, Chalkbeat join the call for more

The Wrong Direction

Small business owners are increasingly pesimisstic on the direction of the American economy? Click Here for Story

New Bill Would Give All State Employees $2K Bonuses

Aims to reward ‘dedication’ and ‘incredible resilience’ Read more

Its the Economy Stupid

Americans less worried about Russia in Ukraine more worried about the home front being destroyed by Democrat policies Click Here for Story

No Voter Suppression

Early voting hits new record in Georgia despite absurd claims by Democrats that election integrity rules would hurt voting Click Here for Story

Hurting Red States

Miscounts in Census is undercounting Red states and overcounting Blue states Click Here for Story

Replacement Theory

Yes its a thing and te Democrats embrace it? Click Here for Details

Half A Million Illegals

Democrat allow half a million illegals into the country in the last 10 weeks alone Click Here for Details

2000 Mules

Watch the proof of Election Fraud Click Here for Story

Yes There’s a Recession…

ITs already started remember to blame Democrats in November Click Here for Story

Embracing the Enemy

Biden Admin is getting soft and supportive on terror groups Click Here for Details

Control Through Fear

Democrats and the Deep State want you to believe in domestic terror but in fact the only domestic terrorists are the Democrats and their liberal allies Click Here for Story

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