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Headache For McCarthy

Some GOP House colleagues are not happy with debt deal Click Here for Story

Cancer Breakthrough?


Israeli developed cancer treatment seems to have a 90% success rate? Click Here for Story


Charges dropped against the migrant who tried to ram a truck into the White House. Was this another false flag operation by the government itself? Click Here for Story

Michigan bills would make all juvenile crimes eligible for parole

Bills would make life sentences parole-eligible after 10 years

Ruining The Rest of Government

Biden Admin is forcing woke rules on the last of federal government departments Click Here for Details

Senate bill package expands Michigan’s green energy giveaway

Senate Bills 302 and 303 would allow local governments to finance enviromental hazard projects on individual properties Read more

Feinstein Unaware of Her Surroundings

It’s past time for the Democrats and the Senate leaders to replace her Political leadership requires cognition Click Here for Story

Lansing is bogged down in symbolic legislation

May has 11 separate awareness-related designations Read more

Russia Not Happy With Lindsey Graham

South Carolina’s US Senator is being targeted by Russia over his Ukraine support Click Here for Story

Megyn Kelly Now Gets It?

Its amazing she now understans Trump and his base Click Here for Details

Liberalism IS a Disease

Liberal run US cities top the world for homelessness and crime? Click Here for Details

Biden Admin Attacking Christians?

Was the Biden Admin involved in the anti-Catholic protests with the Dodger’s MLB franchise? Click Here for Story

China Cyberattacks

China is a threat on every front Click Here for Story

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