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Sorry Your Fraudulency…

Biden Unveils 6 Actions to Address Gun Violence

But you don’t have a mandate to remake America into a socialist craphole Click Here for Details

Stop the Spending Spree

Senate Republicans are not on board with Biden’s bankrupting of America Click Here for Details


Why is a spy plane circling the Arizona auditing center? Click Here for Story

Auditors Find State Overpaid Medicaid Home Health Vendors $39.4 Million

Could be worse: A previous audit found a $160 million loss

Are We Defenseless?

Asteroids are a real threat to the planet but is enough being done to prepare for a hit? Click Here for Story

Watch Out for Your Wallet

President Joe Biden speaks about his $2-trillion-plus jobs/infrastructure plan on April 7, 2021, in Washington, D.C. (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

The Democrats are ready to hit Americans in the wallet with their spending policies Click Here for Story

Chain Migration…And YOU Pay

Biden Admin will import illegals to stop stop family separation at taxpayer expense Click Here for Story

Time to Re-Think the Obvious

Covid resurgence shows masking and lockdowns aren.t working? Click Here for Details

The Election System Is Not Fair

Parties and special interests have hijacked voters choice Click Here for Story

Combining Dirty Agendas

Using climate scams to justify open borders Click Here for Details


Check out some of the giveaways in Biden’s spending plan Click Here for Story

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