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Poll Position…

Trump has a commanding lead over rivals so far in 2024 primary race Click Here for Story


FBI Director Christopher Wray set to meet with House Oversight Chair James  Comer in coming days | CNN Politics

Congressman Comer will hold FBI Director Wray in contempt of Congress for withholding information to protect Joe Biden Click Here for Details

Pennsylvania Voter Fraud?

Postal service admits one of their drivers was transporting ballots INTO Pennsylvania FROM New York! Click Here for Story

Duggan: ‘You can’t build a new house in Detroit’ due to high taxes

Four takeaways from Duggan’s interview with The Detroit News

Gas Prices About to Skyrocket?

The Saudis are meeting with Venezuela as Biden alienates foes and former allies alike Click Here for Story

Michigan advocates admit solar still can’t compete

Two bills would mandate unlimited giveaways to homes, businesses that install solar panels Read more

Crazed Comey

Corrupt former FBI Director James Comey hypocritcally calls Joe Biden the only candidate capable of following the Constitution? Click Here for Story

Manchin’s Issue

Has the Democratic Senator from West Virginia put himself out to pasture? Click Here for Story

Spook Fest…

World spy chiefs gather together what exactly are they plotting? Click Here for Details

American’s Reject Transgender Ideology

Pushing Transgenderism on Americans and especially children is not what Americans support Click Here for Story

Recession is Coming?

Even liberal media outlets are beginning to admit it? Click Here for Details

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