The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday November 1, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Independents Moving Right?

New polling seems to show independents have seen enough of Democrat control Click Here for Story

Wisconsin Ballot Problems

There seems to still be issues with military ballots in Wisconsin Click Here for Story


Will the Feds now control the Pelosi Assault crime, the evidence…and the narrative? Click Here for Story

Did Brazil Go Left?

What to Know About Bolsonaro-Lula Showdown in Brazil - The Washington Post

Election called for Lula the Socialist in Brazil Click Here for Details

Russia Hits Kyiv Hard

80% of Ukraine’s biggest city is now without water Click Here for Story

Twitter Flag Against Conservative News site Gets Reversed

A direct appeal to Elon Musk seemed to work? Click Here for Details

Five Questions We Need Answers to In Order to Stop the Pelosi Conspiracy Game

Democrats point fingers at Republicans with no proof but complain about Republicans making the same baseless accusations? Click Here for Story

Elon Musk: The Battle for Free Speech

Elon Musk Closes Twitter Deal, Immediately Fires Top Executives - WSJ

An odd hero seems to be emerging? Click Here for Details

SCOTUS: Affirmative Action on the Dockett

Is discriminating against one group for the benefit of another allowed under the Constitution? Click Here for Story


Department of the Interior |

US Department of the Interior calls Arizona’s attempts to secure the wide open border a trespass against the United states?? Click Here for Details

From The Science Side…

Students are spending way too much time “on screen” per a new study Click Here for Story

Democrat Violence

Whitmer supporter bites a Tudor Dixon supporter at event Click Here for Details

The Secret Majority?

Will there be a Red Wave on November 8th and if so does it mean there is a secret majority of voters who quietly despise the left? Click Here for Story

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