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Dirty Detroit

You can polish up the city but the corruption is clearly seen above it Click Here for Story

This Election Steal Was Planned

Democrats knew what they were doing Click Here for Details

Leading Scientists Condemn Lockdowns, Call For ‘Focused’ Protection

25% of adults 18-24 have considered suicide during the pandemic

The Crying Communist

CNN’s Van Jones should get an Oscar for this performance

A Big No No in Wisconsin

Election clerks were unlawfully altering ballots Click Here for Details

Pfizer Has A Vaccine, Wants Distribution To Start By Thanksgiving

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Possible Good News From Georgia?

132,000 ballots in pro-Biden Fulton county GA may not be valid Click Here for Story

Esper is Out

POTUS fires Defense Secretary Click Here for Details

Exactly As Trump Predicted

Pandemic is over per media and Pfizer? …right after election Click Here for Story

Was Pfizer Complicit?

Did the company hold off on getting the vaccine ready before the election? Click Here for Story

Democrats Planning Revenge

A do not hire list is being complied by anti-Trump activists of supporters for President Trump Click Here for Details

…And CNN is Helping With It


WHY are they in such a hurry to see Biden declared? Click Here for Story

Black and Conservative

2nd Amendment activist elected as North Carolina’s first Black Lt. Governor Click Here for Story

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