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Scott Drops Out

Senator Tim Scott Drops Out of Republican Presidential Race After Uphill  Battle - Bloomberg

Senator Tim Scott drops out of POTUS race for 2024 Click Here for Details

Election Cheating

Its happening again, how much longer will Americans allow this rampant cheating in elections Click Here for Details

Michigan lawmakers give Ann Arbor $1M for a splash pad

All told, Tree City got $7M from Michigan taxpayers in 2024 budget

Is democracy too messy in Michigan?

While voters speak up in Oakland and Mecosta County, Lansing lawmakers dismantle local control Read more

Another Woke Hypocrite…

Another liberal eats his own words on racism Click Here for Details

Speaker Johnson Gets At LeastOne Democrat Vote for His CR

At least one Democrat Congressman will side with Republican Speaker Johnson’s continuing Resolution Click Here for Details

Bad News Biden

Biden eclipses and Trump and GOP field with $71 million third quarter haul  | CNN Politics

Polling numbers continue to slide for Biden Click Here for Story

“Lying through His Teeth”?

Democrat lawyer Alan Dershowitz is done with Obama Click Here for Details

Interesting Facts…

Gun owning statistics in the US Click Here for Story

Biden Admin: Paying for Hate

Why is the US government giving money to Mosques that preach hatred Click Here for Story

Its Not Apartheid

Polling shows 70% of Arab Israeli citizens have great affinity for their country ? Click Here for Details

Immigration Without Assimilation is Suicide

Mass immigration will lead to the destruction of countries and cultures Click Here for Story

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