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Will Biden Screw This Up?

US Election View From Asia

Biden Xi meeting has big consequences Click Here for Story

The Ground Game the GOP Must Use

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Wisconsin-Reulsts.jpg

These folks in Wisconsin know how to stop the Democrat ballot shenanigans Click Here for Details

Democrats Vs Elon Musk

Sheer comedy or something more ? Click Here for Story

MichiganVotes Monday: Bill would ban water shutoffs for nonpayment

Water suppliers would be forced to restore any prior shutoff, unless it would harm public health to do so.

2023 in Michigan could see $15 minimum wage, right-to-work repeal

Removing the means test for food stamps is also on the Democrats’ wish list Read more

Crybaby Pence

Mike Pence Still Won't Rule Out Voting for Man Who Wanted Him Dead –  Rolling Stone

Former VP is unelectable and irrelevant why is anyone giving him attention Click Here for Story

Biden Scared of Xi?

Won’t talk about genocide or human rights just more insane climate nonsense Click Here for Story

Is McConnell Losing Even More Support?

Lindsey Graham joins calls for delay of Senate leadership vote Click Here for Story

Another Biden Election Lie

Walks back talks of Federal rights to abortion promised before the election Click Here for Story

More Lies from the DOJ

Paul Pelosi actually let the police in himself before walking back to his attacker Click Here for Story

Mexico Protests

More citizens joining protests against corrupt governments around the world Click Here for Story

The Bad Penny

Pelosi to Taiwan would be career capstone, despite warnings | AP News

Nancy Pelosi won’t be going away whether the Republicans get the House or not ? Click Here for Story

GOP Must Find Way to Unify

Democrats are always unified, Republicans not so much Click Here for Details

Attention Arizona Voters

Does your ballot need to be cured? The deadline is Wednesday do not wait Click Here for Story

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