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Better Than Pfizer’s?

Moderna says they have their vaccine ready Click Here for Story

Phony Covid Numbers

How often is this happening to scare the American public? Click Here for Details

Citizens Stepping Up

Its not just the Trump campaign filing in court over election its average citizens too Click Here for Story

Donut Beer?

Michigan brewery has new local beer coming out Click Here for Story

State of Michigan Cites Large COVID Rise To Cancel Extended Family Thanksgiving Gatherings

No more than two households or 10 people can gather

Fix Michigan’s Fraudulent Votes

New filing wants 1.2 million suspect votes tossed out Click Here for Details

Are Republicans Finally Getting It?

Liberal biased media is not getting interviews from Republican Senators Click Here for Story

Mask Mouth

Wearing masks is causing more problems than solutions? Click Here for Details

Fake News Keeps Pushing

More phony stories being propagated by the MSM Click Here for Details

Threatening Attorneys

Trump Campaign Slams Pennsylvania Lawyers for 'Abusive' Threats

Pennsylvania is threatening Trump attorneys? Click Here for Story

What Is This Dominion Issue?

Rudy Giuliani explains Click Here for Story

Democrat Hypocrisy

Democrats never accept the result of elections they lose fairly but want Trump to accept a rigged fraudulent election ? Click Here for Story

Gates Globalism

Why is the UK or anyone discussing vaccines with Bill Gates? Click Here for Details

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