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Parade Terrorist Identified

Waukesha parade massacre car driven by known and recently released felon Click Here for Story

Tlaib: ‘Corporate Dems’ Resist Biden Welfare Blowout; She Was A ‘Corporate Dem’ Herself As State Rep

Former state representative helped enact $1.031 billion in cash for favored corporations and developers

More Unproven Drugs

Why is Big Pharma allowed to put unproven drugs on the market and the government wants to mandate their use? Click Here for Details

State’s Pursuit of Snyder Emails Could Pierce Officials’ Veil of Attorney-Client Privilege

‘Judge, they don’t have the right to privacy in state owned email and servers. They simply don’t.’Read more

Corrupt Democrats Releasing Criminals?

And we wonder shy crime is skyrocketing Click Here for Story

An Unprecedented Threat?

Is China’s newest missile that far advanced? Click Here for Details

More of The Same?

Biden re-nominates Powell for Federal Reserve Chair Click Here for Story

Mocking Joe

Its not just Americans mocking Joe Biden China does too Click Here for Details

Changing The Definition

Fauci says definition of “Fully Vaccinated” needs to be changed. Considering more of the Big Pharma boosters they want to sell? Click Here for Story

Border Disaster

Biden’s border crisis is worsening and he won’t fix it Click Here for Details

Take That You Woke Morons

Kid Rock unleashes on millenials and woke hipsters in new music video Click Here for Story

Time to Jail Fauci?

Evidence mounts that Fauci has some really bad issues Click Here for Story

Equal Justice

The Media wont tell you but a black man was found not guilty by reason of self defense the same day as Kyle Rittenhouse Click Here for Story

Joe’s Migrant Surge

West Texas is being overrun by illegals Click Here for Story

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