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The Michigan Steal

More proof from whistle blower Articia Bomer about fraud in Wayne County Click Here for Details

Georgia Prepares for Senate Races

Can controls be put in place to stop fraud? Click Here for Story

Report in Medical Journal: For K-5, ‘Little Reason To Believe Virtual Learning’ Effective

Report finds teachers union’s preferred COVID response will shorten children’s lives

Biden Already Opening the Door

Border crossings are beginning to surge in anticipation of a Biden Presidency Click Here for Details

Lockdown Costs Include Suicidal Thoughts Up, Kids’ Life Expectancy Down

Locked-out children also losing years of life expectancy Read more

Is This What the Globalists Wanted?

Civil war or secession is a divided America what the globalists wanted all along? Click Here for Details

Another Trump Foreign Policy Win?

Historic meeting between Israel and Saudi Arabia Click Here for Story

Breaking Down the Biggest Heist in History

A voter casts an absentee ballot. (Photo credit: MEGAN JELINGER/AFP via Getty Images)

How an American election was stolen? Click Here for Details

A Green Military?

Going towards the New Green Deal would put our military at risk Click Here for Story

No Wonder Our Media is Working Against Us

Chinese money is funding US media Click Here for Story

More Latino Support

Trump got more Latino support than any Republican in history Click Here for Details

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